My Philosophy


I breed for appearance and conformation and equally for personality, intelligence, soundness, and good health. However, I am also very fond of bigger boned and taller standard poodles so I prefer slightly larger versions of the standard poodle. This causes me to walk a thin line as to the refinement that is very much desired in the show ring and the robustness needed in a working dog. I also do not mix some colors in order to retain the desirable characteristics that certain colors possess. For example; blue and silver poodles carry a dilute factor so when bred to a dark poodle such as red, brown, or black the puppies will fade. Another example, and good fact to know, silver standard poodles are born black and should have a gray face on them by 8 weeks of age (you can see an example of this on my “history” page). Conversely if you want that red puppy to stay red and not lighten into a cream with orange ears then there shouldn’t see any blue, silver, or gray poodles in at least the last couple of generations.

To achieve my breeding goal I often keep two puppies from a litter, and they do not all work out, so I occasionally have adolescents and young adults for sale. I also average about four litters a year of various colors and parent pairs so will have puppies available at different times of the year. I have a core of 18-20 standards at home with new dogs coming in (directly or by breeding) from select other breeders and pick puppies growing to see how they fit into my scheme. I do not expect to have an end point to my breeding program, it is dynamic and evolving and that is one of the key parts of my love for the breed.


I sell all my dogs with a health and temperament guarantee. Since I ship most of my dogs I must pick the puppy out for the client and I want to ensure that both are happy. A healthy puppy is the highest priority, but if for some reason the personalities of the dog and owners do not match I will take any dog back within the first 30 days, with full purchase price refunded or a like dog replacement. All shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer. For the first three (3) years of your dog’s life I will provide a replacement puppy for any hereditary or genetic defects that may emerge. After that I will offer a replacement puppy at half your original purchase price for the lifetime of the dog. After 3 years of age there are health conditions that can be brought on by lifestyle, diet, or other factors.

Pet & Show Dogs:

I sell my pet quality poodles with a limited registration at pet prices. The difference between a pet puppy and a show puppy could be as simple as a lower tail set, a longer body or rounder eyes. To most pet owners the difference between the two is not critical. Whether the parents are champions is also a factor, as champion sired puppies do command a higher price. To obtain an AKC championship on a standard poodle $10,000 in expenses is probably about an average cost. So it is important to know if you are looking for a pet, companion, friend or showpiece.

A Poodle for the Family:

I believe that the standard poodle is the best all around family dog in the world. They unfortunately have a reputation for being only for the wealthy or being a “Foo Foo” dog. I told myself 30 years ago when I was having trouble finding a standard poodle that I could afford that someday I would breed the best standards and make them affordable. I do genetic testing on all of my dogs and offer a lifetime of support for clients. Some breeders will argue that if you can’t afford a to pay a their prices for a pet then:

  1. You shouldn’t own a poodle
  2. The dog will not go to a good home.

To the contrary I have found for the most part that families who are interested in owning a standard poodle are not the type of people who chain their dog up outside and ignore their well-being. However, with the “doodle” craze there are more and more people wanting standard poodles just so that they can breed designer dogs and charge a lot of money. I have done rescues on “doodles” who were in fact chained up and in very poor condition. I therefore have increased my prices to help prevent irresponsible breeders from obtaining a poodle from me.

Where and How the Puppies are Raised (See where we live):

I live on a small acreage in central Texas, about 70 miles north west of Austin. My property has several yards attached to the house, garage, barn, and guest house. My dogs and puppies get to run and play in yards all day and come inside at night. The puppies are born and raised inside the house until they are old enough to play in their yards. While outside they have the ability to get out of inclement weather. The puppies have daily contact with cats and horses and occasional contact with the grandchildren. Most are very confident puppies by the time they depart our home.

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